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Deprived Single Mothers Assistance Scheme (DeSMAS)

Women and children form a higher percentage of society. Despite their significant roles in the economic activities at the household level and in the general society, women in Africa seem to have diminished rights and are exploited by their male counterparts.

Majority of women in the informal sector such as traders, fishmongers, farmers etc usually have children without any legal basis to their marriage. This results in women being at a disadvantage when the marriage falls apart or when their spouses pass away.


The women in these situations are stripped of everything including their dignity during widowhood rites. Most of these women are however left with the children to care for even when their spouses are alive in some cases of divorce. This situation is significant with the Akans who form the majority ethnic group in Ghana and practice the matrilineal inheritance system. The children in such societies are said to belong to the woman. Thus, in cases of divorce or death of a husband, the woman and her family accept responsibility for the children even if they do not have the means. This results in the irresponsible behavior of men having children with different women without meeting the responsibilities that goes with it. Women in such societies therefore usually have children with different paternities. These over-burdened single mothers are exploited sexually, as being “husbandless” mothers had eroded their self-esteem and dignity. This coupled with the need for economic assistance to enable them care for their children predisposes such women to easily grant sexual favors in exchange for some assistance that would aid them economically. Considering the HIV/AIDS scourge, this sort of behavior predisposes these women to higher risk of HIV/AIDS infection. This could result in early death leaving the children as orphans even though their “missing in action” fathers may be alive.


DeSMAS envisages women whether single mothers or not who are liberated, confident and economically empowered to independently raise responsible educated children to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana and the world.


Our mission is to identify and assist deprived single mothers so as to empower them economically to raise and educate their children to become descent responsible and productive citizens.

  •  Counseling on reproductive health care and safe motherhood (Member of White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood).
  • Assist in the provision of suitable birth control methods.
  •  Offer financial assistance in matters concerning business.
  • Identification and assist women living with HIV/AIDS. Member of African Microbicides Advocacy Group (AMAG).
  • Assist children of single mothers in matters of education and general welfare.
  • Assist in the provision of day-care centers in deprived communities to enable mothers to engage in economic activities.
  •  Empower women to engage in economic activities through financial assistance.
  • Sensitize women on their human rights and holding duty bearers accountable.
  • Conduct research into single motherhood in Ghana with the view to recommending policy to the Ministry of women and children and Government.